Fun facts about Korats


The name Korat is actually wrong. The Thai spelling, Koraj, was changed into Korat by European breeders because the Thai pronunciation of 'j' more or less sounds like a soft 't'.

Because their fur has a grey colour, it is also said that they symbolize a gift of silver.

In rural areas it is said that the Korat, whose fur has the colour of thunderclouds, has the power to control the weather. In the province of Korat people often still walk from door to door holding a Korat, praying for rain. While doing this, the villagers also spray them with water so that their cries would affect the God of Water.

For centuries the Korat were believed to bring prosperity and happiness. Because of this, they were often given as a wedding present, especially at royal weddings, as a sign of a lasting and happy marriage. The fact that this cat was reserved for the royal family or high Siamese officials explains why the Korat are rarely found outside the borders of the country.

In rural areas of Thailand, where they are still pure bred, Korat cats are not sold. It is one of the most valuable marital or birth presents.

In the seventies, the Thai cat expert Pichai-Ramadi Vasnasong described this cat as "one of the eight Siamese cats (he used the term in a geographical sense) who once lived in Thailand": Number 1: The Koraj

Korat have 5 hearts: a heart-shaped face, a heart-shaped nose, a heart on top of their head, a heart on their chest and finally one inside their chest.

Medical facts about Korat cats

Korats love warmth. Because they come from a tropical country they don't have a full underfur and they must therefore be protected against the cold. They look for warm spots to sleep and to groom themselves.

Because of their lack of underfur they shed very few hairs and often don't cause allergic reactions in people who are otherwise allergic to (the hairs of) cats.

The animal is hypersensitive to painkillers and calming resources. The usual dose has an impact which lasts for days on Korat cats. They are also often allergic to antibiotics.

Because the Korat is a natural race, their bloodline should not be crossed with other breeds of cats. Thanks to the pedigrees we are able to trace the origin of the different bloodlines to their original country: Thailand.

The character of the Korat

Korat cats are affectionate and all have a particular individual character. They are very fond of the people who surround them and they need a lot of attention to feel comfortable and wanted. In general, Korat cats get on well with other cats, dogs and small children. However, some Korats can be jealous when their family also gives a lot of attention to the other pets.

Cats of this race are highly intelligent; it is fairly easy to learn them how to play fetch and they get used very quickly to walking on a lead. They are also fast learners when it comes to opening doors and using taps.

Korats have a very melodic voice and are not very loud.

These cats are lively, active and love to climb and play. Korats often remain very playful into old age.

Korat cats like quiet, friendly people, and can get very fond of 'their' owners. This characteristic is something they have in common with other oriental cats.